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  1. On first day, I have learned what we need to write an essay and what a structure of the essay is. Next day, I have learned more specific paragraph structure and wrote one paragraph about a classmate. I was observed my some week points by these tasks. First, thinking best topic topics is one of my poorest things. I can find mostly correct answers from alternative questions; however, it is difficult to make own sentence and describe for me. I do not know others form. For instance, I usually use this phrase which is “I have three unique characters.” Then, my vocabulary knowledge is not good enough. Because of this, I had two unknown words, which were plagiarism and citation in pre-test. If I knew there words meaning, I might be able to answer it. Finally, I took a long time to write one paragraph. This problem has not changed since last year. In short, it shows me that I need to practice simple thinking. In conclusion, these week points give me a sigh that most important things are to continue writing an essay, paragraph, summary, or diary and to memorize academic vocabulary.

    • Hi Yuka,

      This is a nice, structured learning journal. I remember discussing with you about the importance of finding different expressions. Everyone has their own style of writing… including you! You might learn new expressions in class, but you will be able to improve more if you seek out yourself. Read other papers from different sources and your peers’ papers. Then, think about whether some of the expressions fit well with your style of writing. Knowledge is out there in the world, and it will only be available when you seek out for it. Good luck!

      • Hi Hami! Thank you for advice:) Yes, I’ll say. Recently, I have sought a solution, asked my friends, who are higher level than me, about their ideas, and obtained some advice:) I strongly wish to find my best way quickly. Mahalo!!

  2. Hi Yuka
    I agree with you!! Memorizing vocabulary is so difficult to me :( I memorized some new words, and I forgot these words easily….
    We will try to use more new words while we are talking.
    All we need to do is to practice and continue to write again and again. Finally, we will be able to become a good writer.
    Let’s do it together :)

  3. I have learned how to write a good topic sentence and a paragraph for two days. First, it is important that a topic sentence needs to include a main idea, a controlling idea and a complete sentence. If the topic sentence would not have them, I would not understand the paragraph and might not be interested in reading it. When I have homework that I have to make a good topic sentence after reading the textbook, I did not write a clear topic sentence and also was confusing because I was too much thinking about that. Therefore, I try to think simply. Secondly, all paragraphs have a topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence. I understood this form, but if I wrote a paragraph own words, I was always poor writer. This problem’s reason might be my outline. I think that I need to know how my writing change and ask Hami. In sum, leaning during two days is based on an academic writing.

    • Hi Yuka! Thank you for your comment! Yeah, I agree with your opinion. I can understand the form; the topic sentence include a main idea and controlling idea, and also should be a complete sentence. However, when I write essays, I cannot write good sentences. I have to study more about academic writing. Let’s enjoy studying :) By the way, when I was confused about academic writing or my homework the other day, you helped me and I really appreciate it. Thank you so much! If I have some problems, please tell me again :)

    • Hi Yuka,
      Since you read a lot, I think you understand the importance of the topic sentence. The topic sentence can sometimes be the “hook”, which interests the reader to READ. And Yuka, there is no poor writer :) Writing is one of the skills that let’s you revise and edit as many times as you want (except for tests). You can always become a better writer. Let’s work on becoming that better writer.

  4. Hi Yuka,
    I think Writing is the most difficult subject to me. I want to improve my writing skill more than last term. You have a good point!!
    If the sentence does not have topic, it is hard to recognize what the writer want to talk about. Therefore, writing a good topic sentence is more important for any kinds of writing. I think we can do that, Yuka!! Let’s try it together!!

  5. For two days, I have learned how to write a concluding sentence and comments for my peer review. First, a concluding sentence has to restate a topic sentence using different words or summarize a paragraph. A concluding sentence is as significant as a topic sentence because a writer needs to show what a writer wants to describe for readers when they read only these sentences. When I made a concluding sentence in textbook’s task, I couldn’t do it using summary because making summary is one of my weak points I guess the best way of solution is to go on practice, practice, practice, and practice. Secondly, it is critical to receive my peer feedback and describe my opinion to my classmates. If I can explain my feedback to them clear, it would show me being able to understand learning in my class. My peer review is also very useful for improving my writing skills!! For instance, I could know the betterment of points which I didn’t notice because of Kazu, Hii, and Kiyoka Of course, Hami,too!! To sum up, learning a concluding sentence and feedback found on becoming a good writer.

    • Hi Yuka,
      I agree with your ideas. If I cannot explain my writing clearly, that means this sentence is vague and undefined. That is why, I want to learn how to write a good sentence sharply. All we need are practice and write a lot as much as possible!! Let’s do it!!

    • Hi Yuka,
      Yes, a concluding sentence is as important as a topic sentence. These two sentences need to have a strong impression. Why? Because readers tend to remember the last part when they read! They might also go back to the paragraph when they forget what they were reading. In most cases, they will read the topic sentence and concluding sentence to get the general idea of the paragraph. Therefore, the buns of the hamburger (topic sentence and concluding sentence) needs to be strong enough to hold in the juicy meat :) Feedback is beneficial for the reader and the writer. It gives an opportunity for the reader to think critically while he/she reads. The writer will be able to receive comments from a different point of view, which is difficult to do if you are working by yourself. As we discussed before, if you would like to practice summarizing, you will need to practice through reading skills as well. Summary writing usually involves reading something, and it is not only the writing skills that are involved.

  6. It has been difficult to control my essay’s structure. My structure loitering on its way conclusion from introduction is like child. Do you know what I mean? It is always vague and is sometimes confused a reader. Even though I took a long time to write an essay or paragraph and rethought it three or four times, I think that my essay was still not obvious. However, recently I have improved that little by little because of peer feedback. It has three advantages: to be able to progress grammar and structure, to get some tip from readers, and to look at myself objectively. To improve it goes on practicing…

    • Hi Yuka,

      You’re getting better at summarizing what you learned in class! I think your essays is one of the essays that actually shows you spent A LOT of time. The fact that you are reflecting and being critical about your own writing is great. It will help you to write better! As I always say, learning takes place the most when you REALIZE and NOTICE what/why you are doing certain things.
      I’m looking forward to reading your essay.


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