6 thoughts on “Tatsuya

  1. I’m writing Learning Journal now,23:30,so everyone is sleeping haha :)
    By the way, I learned so many contents about English Writing like Topic Sentence. Topic Sentences are the most important thing on the occasion of writing English,I think. There are 3 points to write Topic Sentences.
    First,it must be a complete sentence. Second,it should be neither too general nor too specific. Finally, it should not have unrelated controlling ideas.On the basis of these rules, I’m going to try to write the article from now on. There are too much information I learned on this week,so I just
    remember the Topic Sentences! hahahh:)

    • Hi Tatsuya,
      Good reflection and summary of what we have been doing. I hope you were able to get some sleep last night! There has been a lot of information that I have been giving you, but I hope you will be able to internalize that to apply it in your writing. I’m looking forward to reading your paragraph! :)

  2. First, I deeply regretted not to do assignment.. because I couldn’t peer review with classmate very much. From now, I Try to write essay,so please allow me ;(

  3. This week I learned how to write Brainstorming and outline.Everything is difficult for me because I cannot write about things that I want to tell. It’s not only writing but also speaking. I want to tell my teacher or foreign friends what I want to tell about, fluently and properly. It may not be related this lesson,but most important things for me. That’s why I wrote this essay seriously. I have no peer reviews, and it may has some mistaken parts. I feel grew one step by writing this essay.
    Baby steps to Giant strides !

    • Hi Tatsuya,

      Speaking and writing are difficult because they are productive skills. You cannot wait for someone to do it for you, but YOU have to do it. I hope you were able to understand what brainstorming is after we did it together in class. Next time, please bring your draft to class on the assigned date. It will be a good opportunity for you to receive comments from your peers. They will help you to take the giant step :)
      I’m looking forward to reading your essay!


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