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  1. This week, I learned the writing process, some words that connect to writing and what the topic sentence. I think one of my week points is the “topic.” It is difficult for me to find what the topic sentence or the main idea. I also cannot write a good topic sentence, so I want to learn how to write a good topic sentence. The most impressive thing in this week is I learned meaning of these words, ‘plagiarism’ and ’citing’. I have been pointed out when I used similar word from the Internet. When I heard these words, I remembered that and my heart ached. I think I have to know about these things more, and I want to be able to write good sentences using my own words.

    • Hi Rina,

      Topic sentence is one of the basics that you have to understand in order to write at an academic level. It is difficult at first, but practice makes perfect! If you want to see more example, look at the paragraphs in your reading class.
      Plagiarism is unpleasant for the teacher, the student, and the writer of that resource. That’s why you should never plagiarize! If you are ever required to summarize, be careful with how you use the words from the reading. We will learn more about this, hopefully, towards the end of this term.

  2. Hi Rina! Thank you for sharing your reflection:) I want to improve writing skill, too. well.. How do you try to improve it??

  3. Hi Rina,
    Me too!! It is difficult to write a good topic sentence. I should practice the part more. However, learning English is so much fun. Don’t you think so??
    Let’s study together someday:)

  4. In the first two days this week, I learned about the topic sentences more and supporting sentences. I knew that the topic sentence has a topic and controlling idea. First, the role of topic is to tell reader the generally topic, and the role of controlling idea is to narrow the topic. Second, there are some kinds of supporting sentences such as an example, a statistic, and a quotation. Although I knew the details of topic, it is still difficult to figure out these two things. Even I am considering if I am this writer when I reading, or if I am this reader when I writing, I cannot understand or find out, or write a main ideas easily. Even if it is Japanese, topic sentences are one of a problem to me. Also I always use examples for supporting sentences. Therefore, I want to use to topic sentences, and I want to be able to write supporting sentences except examples.

    • Hi Rina,
      It’s good that you are thinking about the reader when you write. I think I have mentioned to you before that you always need to think about the reader! Writing is probably challenging in many of the other languages as well. However, they all have something in common. You can always edit and revise as many times as you want to make it “better” (except for tests!).

  5. Hi Rina,
    I know it is difficult to find a topic sentence. However, when you read some English books, you will be able to understand what is the main topic and what is the topic sentence are. Writhing and Reading are always connected together I think. Therefore, If you want to improve your writing skill, you would be better read English books as much as possible. You can do it, Rina!! Go for it:)

  6. August, 29th. 2013
    In rest of this week days, I studied about concluding sentences, and I was realized again that my week point is writing topic sentences and concluding sentences by getting feedback from my peers. In concluding sentences, I have to summarize the main point of the paragraph, and repeat the topic sentence using different words. It means that a topic sentence and concluding sentence are always connected. I understand it. However, when I got two feedbacks from two my classmates, they pointed out that my topic sentence is not clear and too general. Also, they could not understand which the concluding sentence is. Concluding sentence was not related to topic sentence. I thought so too after I got feedbacks, but I do not know how to write a better topic sentence or concluding sentence yet. One of my big assignments from now on is that I have to more think about what I want to say in a paragraph. then write topic sentence and concluding sentence more clearly.

    • Hi Rina,
      Topic sentence and concluding sentence are always connect to the main topic. Before you write those sentences, think about how can you connect with those sentences and contents to the last concluding. I am not good at that too. However, we can try this together!! Then soon, you will be able to write a good topic and concluding sentences.

    • Hi Rina,
      It seems like you were able to gain something out of the peer review session. Since you were in my writing class last year, you probably remember what I told you repeatedly: “You are always writing for a purpose. What is your purpose, and who is your audience?”
      As we discussed when you came to my office, the topic sentence should help you to narrow down the topic. I hope you were able to think about your topic sentence one more time. The assignments given to you for “homework” allows you as much time as you want. Your final product will obviously reflect how much effort you put into it. The brainstorming procedure might take a while, but I think it makes the following procedures easier. Take your time, and make the best out of the learning opportunities you have for class assignments.

  7. September 13 2013

    In this week, I learned what an essay and theme. I felt writing theme is more difficult to write than a topic sentence. I cannot generate a good topic sentence, so it will be harder for me to think and write theme. How to hook readers is also not easy. I always start with interrogative forms because I do not know how to hook reader other ways. Moreover, I cannot tell whether sentences connect to topic or not. Even if I feel ‘the sentence relates to topic (or not)’, it is opposite for other people. Where is the border line? There are some rules and limits for writing, but sometimes there is no rule. Peer review is also, it depends on person how feel on my paragraph. I confused how to do writing more and more… Do not I have basic skills? Why I feel so is not only I confused with writing, but also other students sometimes pointed out the same thing about my writing.

    • Hi Rina,

      If you are comfortable with starting your essay with a question, that’s OK. As long as the question is related to your essay! As you mentioned, writing has some rules but you are also required to express yourself freely. I feel the purpose of the essay always changes the requirements for an essay. If it is for an essay, your format and words you use will be different. On the other hand, if it is for peers, the format may be a bit informal. Unfortunately, there is no rule. The only common rules are the punctuations and grammar.
      Maybe you are still trying to establish your style of writing?


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