4 thoughts on “Plai

  1. This week i learned how to brainstorm my ideas better. I also learned how to outline. All of this is helping me write my first draft or paragraph. I am following the 7 steps of the writing process by outlining my thoughts after brainstorming. I started with an introduction and now adding the body. I have proofread this paragraph and my conclusion is there are not many errors. I am now having my friend read it and she says there are no errors that she can see in this paragraph. So this will be my final draft for this writing journal.

    • Hi Plai,
      Good job on your first learning journal. I can see that you proofread your journal very well. I hope that you will proofread your paragraphs or essays in your future classes! Those papers will be the important ones that you must proofread! You seemed a bit overwhelmed that there was a lot of work in class, but I hope you will get used to it!

  2. this week i have to write 1 essay. i learned about how to write essay. i have to write introduction body and conclusion. first i have to do brainstorming. Second write outline and share with my peer and then write my first draft and share with peer again. my peer gave me a suggestion to improve my essay. And then i write my second draft by my peer suggestion. And change the peer for different suggestion. and try my best for my essay.

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