The Ohana in our 341W class are (in alphabetical order):



Dong Ok













3 thoughts on “Ohana

  1. August 20-21, 2013

    You should write a paragraph of at least 250 words here. You should reflect on and think about how you are learning English. The aim is to make YOU think about your English studies and how YOU can activate your own learning. The learning journal should help you to recognize your strengths, weaknesses, development, and improvement. You should write your learning journals freely. It will be more useful if you are true and honest. During the term, you will be required to re-read the posts you made for your own learning journal. My advice is for you to write as much as possible, so that your reflection process becomes meaningful.
    Good luck :)

  2. August 24 , 2013

    Today, I post it for the first time,so I’m sorry if I make a mistakes how to do . By the way, I learned about TOPIC SENTENCE on Thursday. It means that the most important things in the paragraph. I thought that when I write learning journal, I have to be careful what I write about. It’s difficult for me to understand how to write in English, but I’m going to try hard.My dream is to speak English fluently, so I want to increase new vocabulary through writing English Journal !! then I want everyone to correct my English mistakes because I want to speak English correctly.I want you guys to correct pronunciation as well. Everyone makes my English * Of course, I do my best :)

    • Hi Tatsuya,
      Is this your learning journal? If so, please remember to post it on your page! It is under the “Ohana” tab. Let me know if you have trouble finding it :)
      I’m happy to read how motivated you are to study at HELP. All of the teachers are willing to help you, and your peers are motivated like you. I hope that you will find your role model in some of the teachers, but also be inspired by your peers. Let’s not forget to have fun studying English though! I’m looking forward to your work this term :)

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