Learning Journal

Every Tuesday and Thursday, you must submit your learning journal online. There is a page for each of you under the Ohana section. Click on your name and submit your journal under “Write here”.

What is a “Learning Journal”?

This journal will be used to explore and develop approaches to learning English. You can reflect on and think about how you learn English. The aim is to make YOU think about your English studies and how YOU can activate your own learning. The learning journal should help you to recognize your strengths, weaknesses, development, and improvement. You should write your learning journals freely. It will be more useful if you are true and honest.

Here are some points to reflect on/think about when you write your journals:

  • What did you learn in class today?
  • What did you think of the activities?
  • Did anything inspire or motivate you?
  • How did you feel? (emotions)
  • Can you relate/connect what you learned in other classes or outside of HELP?
  • What could you have done differently in class? Do you want to try something?
  • Did you have any questions?


  • Always write the date of your reflection dates
  • Your learning journal must be at least one paragraph (at least 100 words. no more than 200 words)
  • It does not have to be academic writing. Don’t worry so much about grammar, and care more about the content.

You can refer to the Ohana page for an example.


6 thoughts on “Learning Journal

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  2. I thought that writting process was important. When I writte essay, report and so on, I don’t write the first draft and brainstrom. So my writing is disconnectited and poor. I will do this process to write good text.
    Through this week, I learned that four parts such as best TS, incomplete, too specific and too general are essential for sentences. When I write sentences, I usually don’t think which sentence is the topic sentence. But it is indispensable to tell the opinion. So I will try to make a topic sentense.
    I’m not good at writing but I want to communicate with a lot of people through letteers or mails. So I want to improve my writing skil.

    • Hi Hayami,
      Is this your learning journal? If so, please remember to submit it on your page. It is under the “Ohana” tab :)
      The more you write, the better you get. I think you will start to understand the writing process (including the first draft and brainstorming!!) as the weeks go by. Let me know if you have any questions!

    • Thank you for asking Yuka. You do not need to do the learning journal today. I would like you to focus on writing your first draft for assignment 2. Thank you for asking! (Sorry I forgot to announce it in class)

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