4 thoughts on “Kiyoka

  1. This week, I learned what academic writing is in class. I discussed what is academic writing with my friend, so I thought about how to write essay, and I understood it deeply. My classmates are good at writing, so I was inspired to study more. This week, I was often late for school, I am be careful about the bus, and not to be late for school.

    • Hi Kiyoka,
      Discussing with you classmates often helps you to organize what you have been learning. I hope you will be able to do more of that throughout this term. Look at the other styles of writing that your peers have, and apply them to your writing if it fits in there. There’s always a lot to learn out there.
      And YES!! Please be careful not to be late for class :)

  2. I learned what topic sentence is, and the necessary conditions of topic sentence yesterday and today. I did not clearly understand what topic sentence is before, but I listened your teaching, solved text books’ exercises, and discussed it with my classmate, so I thought it deeply and can understand it. However, it is little hard for me to classify topic and controlling idea. I often make mistake exercises about it. Thanks to this class, I found that topic sentences is very important to write essays. I want to deepen my knowledge of how to write essays, and write better essays!

    • Hi Kiyoka,
      It’s rewarding to hear your comment that you are deepening your knowledge about how to write an essay. The structure and the “how-to” write an essay in English is different from Japanese. If you are interested, I can show you a diagram that shows the difference. Come to my office :) And it’s perfectly fine to make mistakes in exercises. That’s what exercises are all about — you learn more :)

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