8 thoughts on “Kazu

  1. In this week, I could review about how to writing. I have already known about that, but I could have good experience. I have never talked about writing with other students, so that discussion is very good for me. Also, I asked some question to Hami, and she answered so clear. I was glad, and I think this class is so good for me!

    • Hi Kazu,

      Were you able to thoroughly review over the writing process? Since you have already learned about this, maybe you can help your peers in class! I hope you realize through this class that writing isn’t all about writing! It involves communicating with others, and reading papers written by someone else too. Some people may have different styles of writing than you. If you like it, learn (or steal!! But don’t steal their work…) from them! I will do my best to help and I love to help :) Please ask me questions or come to my office :)

  2. Yesterday and today, we learned about three types of sentences in the paragraph. I think it is fun to think the topic sentence, and discuss about which sentence is best. Also, I learned the simple, and clear one is best topic sentence. Also, I concern about 1st assignment. My topic is “Japan”, but I don’t have any idea what I write “Japan” in one paragraph. So I will try to think the outline deeply tonight, and I want to write good paragraph draft tomorrow. Also, I’m looking foreword to read other person’s idea tomorrow.

    • Hi Kazu,
      I’m glad to hear that you enjoy thinking and discussing about the topic sentence! Not many people enjoy the process :P BUT it is an important component of a paragraph, so you can’t get away from it. As you mentioned, the topic of “Japan” is very broad. I hope you will have a controlling idea in your topic sentence, so that you can narrow down what you are going to write :)

  3. In Thursday, we did peer review. I think it was good experience foe me. I’m not at grammar, so I could be given a lot of help by classmate. also, I think it is very difficult to read and review other friend’s paragraph. I think I could not give a good advice about grammar, and vocabulary, so I tried to give some advice about content. I hope my advice making friend’s paragraph good, and my paragraph will be given a nice evaluation.

    • Hi Kazu,
      It’s actually good that you looked at your partner’s content. Editing grammar is important, but writing a paragraph/essay with depth of meaning and a strong message is difficult! I think a writer is able to write better when they get advice about the content from another person’s perspective. Were you able to get feedback about your content from your peers?

  4. This week, we studied about essay, and peer reviewing of 2nd assignment. I think this assignment is easier than first assignment because I could write essay which has several paragraph. Also, I could learn many important thing about essay; for example unity, coherence, and transition words. I think it is difficult to use transition words effective. but I tried to use not only first, second, finally…..etc but in addition to, In short. I don’t know these words are correct, but I hope these are correct. Also, in the peer review, I really enjoyed to read other student’s essay because these essay were write about Hawaii. I could know many new information about Hawaii!

    • Hi Kazu,

      I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed completing this second assignment! I was also happy to know that you tried using different transition words. You’re following the advice I gave you (to explore!) :)
      I think one of the reasons why you enjoyed reading the essays of your peers was because the audience for this assignment was for “peers”. Please check everyone else’s essay when it gets published online!


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