11 thoughts on “Kasumi

  1. This week I learned what is the Acadimic writing. Also,
    I could understand step of writing process. I think if I understand these steps,it should be easier to write essay. However I don’t understand what is thesis statement. I can understand which one is the best topic sentence for the paragraph. So,I want to know about thesis statement!

  2. Hi Kasumi,
    I hope you were able to get a good start to your first week of class. Did you know about the basic writing process before? Maybe you learned this in Chicago.
    A topic sentence and a thesis statement are two different things:
    A topic sentence, as we discussed in class today, is the main idea of the PARAGRAPH. On the other hand, a thesis statement is the main idea of the ESSAY. You will be learning how to write a thesis statement as we get into the course!

  3. Hi Kasumi,
    Me too! I want to learn more about thesis statement and also how to write essay. I hope at the end of this term, we will be improved our writing skills. Hawaii is such a wonderful place to study English. I hope you enjoy studying English with excellent teachers at HELP:)

  4. This Monday and Thuesday, we study about topic sentence and supporting sentence. It is hard to write topic and controlling idea following paragraphs. Maybe if I read a lot of essay or books and study hard, I will underastand.

    • Hi Kasumi,
      Writing a topic sentence isn’t easy. One of the keys to writing a topic sentence is to understand what your “main idea/point” is in the paragraph. Remember, the controlling idea helps you to focus on what you are going to be writing in the paragraph.
      And yes, reading different essays will probably help you to see other examples.

  5. We did peer review on Thrsuday. I could read friend’s paper and it was good. I can understand how otehr popele write. It was fun! We can give comment each other and talk, that is good idea:)

    • Hi Kasumi,
      I hope you were able to gain a new perspective through the peer review. What did you learn? Was there something that surprised you? Any new discoveries?

  6. We studied Transition words and patterns of Organization. I knew some transition words but I learned a lot. I have seen some words such as furthermore, just as and moreover but I have never use. I would like to use transition words next assignment. I like your class, it is very fun and I learn a lot of things. Your explanation is very good because it is easy to understand :D

    • Hi Kasumi,
      There’s actually more transition words! The transition words you have in your textbook is only SOME. Maybe I can introduce more as we learn more in the writing class.
      And thank you for the comment Kasumi. It makes me feel very happy to know that you are learning :)))))) Come to my office again so that we can talk about your family again!

  7. We work on assignment #2 . I though that it is good idea make brainstorming map and outline When we had peerrepiwe for 2 days. I got coments from 4 my classmates and you. I will rewrite essay using feedback. I will give my paper on Mon!

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