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  1. This week was the first week of the fall semester of HELP. I have some purpose for this program. One thing that it’s the most important is getting the high score of TOEFL. Actually, I’m interested in tranfering to the other university. The second one is to improve my English level. I hope to use English non-hesitately. I’m so looking forward to my level after HELP.
    As a class contents, this week we learnd about how we distinguish what the best topic is among some sentences like “incomplete” , “too general” , “too specific” sentences. One paragraph should be made by the three parts which are “a topic sentence” , “supporting sentences” , “a concluding sentence”. A topic sentence is the most important composition in the paragraph because if we choose a precise topic, it could help to write easily about supporting sentences.
    Finally, my comment about the first week is that HELP system is suitable for me to improve my English level. Before this program, I was in the ICC which is in downtown. When I was fresh student, I was so satisfied there.But even though it was good school, as the time was passed more and more, I couldn’t feel what I was studying at there. But my choice was great. I like HELP system which is strict. Probably, after graduation, my English level will be improved perfectly!
    That’s all!!

    • Hi Justin,

      This is a great reflection of your overall experience and learning this past week! If you are here for academic purposes, you’re in the right place. I’m happy to hear that you are motivated to pursue your studies at HELP. Tell this to all of your other teachers too! Comments like this motivate us teachers :)
      Learning a language takes a long long time. Having been an English language learner for most of my life, I feel that consistency and the amount of effort reflects your language learning. I hope you will be able to proudly tell everyone that you have improved a lot by the time you graduate. Let’s work together to achieve that goal!


  2. Hi Justin! Thank you for sharing your reflection:) I know ICC, but just hear name. What is most defferent from HELP?? I also have taken a looooong time to improve my English skills:(( Let’s study and improve together!!

  3. THis week was the second week for HELP. We started original class from monday. Finally, I got a textbook. I could know what i should study for this class. In my case, writting in English is important for my graduation’s thesis. I have to study hard about how to write. I just believe my nice teacher!
    On monday and tuesday, we learned about the topic sentence, supporting sentences and the concluding sentence. The topic sentence has to follow some rules. First, it has to be perfect grammatically. Second, it contains the topic and controling idea. At last, it has to be the most general statement. We tried to find a correct topic sentence and make my own topic. Next, we also learned about supporting sentences. It has some examples, statistics and quotations. For bold the topic sentence, they are neccesary.
    I almost followed the teacher’s instructions. I’m enjoying the class. Although I’ve already done, I will join more than now and I will try to study harder. Thanks for your teaching, Hami!!

    • Hi Justin,
      Good reflection and summary of what we did the past two days. I hope you will start to see that writing an essay is like expanding your paragraph. An essay has a similar structure to a paragraph, but it is more spread out.
      If you are going to be writing a graduation thesis, the format might be a bit different (the structure will probably be the same). Writing takes a lot of time, but it is one of the output skills that can be revised/edited over and over again! It is a good practice to write many new essays, but I also think you see how you can improve your writing by editing your drafts. I am sure you will be doing that for your graduation thesis.
      Thank YOU for participating in class :)

  4. Today we had a peer reviewing which discuss about our paragraph. Actually, when I was in ICC , we did like this activity often time. After we wrote a paragraph, teacher would copy and distribute papers for us and we discussed about grammar. In my case, this kind of activity is so helpful to improve English. We learned that we didn’t know from classmates. As you know, if we have a chance to teach to someone and try that, we can learn more than simple listening. I already experienced that. It is just my opinion. Sometimes,very rarely, classmates who have same level with me are better than teachers. In this case, we have similar grammar skill, so we can understand easily each other because we can recognize what he/she wants to know. As we do this activity more and more, of course, we can be friendly each other with classmates. This condition also make us be happy. Therefore, this pair work ,peer reviewing, is very useful to study in English very helpful to make friends easily.

    • Hi Justin,
      Great! So you are an experienced peer reviewer :) I hope you can help your classmates’ writing, as well as to help them understand that peer review isn’t scary at all! Although peer review can be intimidating at times, I think it has many benefits. For me, as a teacher, it is interesting to see how everyone interacts, what everyone focuses on (grammar, vocabulary, structure), and how everyone shares different perspectives. I hope, through the future peer reviews, you will make new discoveries in writing.

      • Really?? Thanks !! How was your ibt’s homework?? Was my opinion helpful for your homework?? I like that I shared my opinion with my friends. If you need some help, whenever ask me please!!

        • Yap, You have had interesting ideas which I didn’t notice, so I like it:) I always need new ideas because of IBT. So maybe I’ll ask your opinion again.lol Thank you for today’s info, too:) I could email Hami on time because of you and Haejin!!

  5. Really?? Thanks !! How was your ibt’s homework?? Was my opinion helpful for your homework?? I like that I shared my opinion with my friends. If you need some help, whenever ask me please!!

  6. This week, I had a assignment that make a paragraph with my topic. During the last weekend, I made a mind map from Hawaii, and I wrote many words from Hawaii. Finally, I chose the topic which was Hawaii Street name. Actually, I would want to tell peers about some street name from Hawaiian Kingdom. It was my mistake. Just I wanted to show the name, not to introduce why the street was orginated from Kingdom. When I started making the outline, I realized that my topic was difficult to say exact my opinion. I was thinking about it for long time, but just I wanted to write a assignment as first opinion. After I did the first peer reviewing, my mistake was revealed. Some peers and Hami mentioned about same advice which why the street name could get that names from those kings. Following this advices, I couldn’t write like that because I couldn’t search about that. Thus, I changed the topic perfectly when I wrote the second assignment. My topic was changed to Hawaiian Kingdom. Just the streets names were given for examples. Finally, I could write about what I want to say perfectly. When I did the second peer reviewing, I felt relief because I was sure that my paragraph is better than the last day. Some peers said to me it was interesting. Of course, writing activity is kind of difficult work. I got a lesson. When I want to write or speak for someone, the stubborn topic is the most important thing. As I did this peer reviewing and editted the paragraph following as advices, I could learn how to write well. I want to know how to write well more than now. From now on, I got encouragement for writing. I hope my skill will be more professional after this term.

    • Hi Justin,

      This learning journal is a good reflection of what you realized through the second assignment. You are right. The topic is important because it can change how much you can write. However, remember that you cannot always choose your own topic! if you are going to be taking the TOEFL test, you will not have many choices to choose from. Being able to cope with what you are given is also important :)
      I think, if you keep in mind these realizations, your writing skills will gradually improve.


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