9 thoughts on “Hii

  1. I learned the topic sentence this week. It was a little bit difficult for me to distinguish which one is the real topic sentence. I want to learn about that more. I also want to learn about hook because I think it’s very important point in an essay. I like to discuss with my classmates because sometimes they think different from me so I can learn from them. I like the writing class the best of four classes because Hami is very kind and it’s easy for me to understand what she says. Also she is very cute! I want to enjoy this class. Thank you.

    • Hi Hii,

      Good learning journal reflecting on what you learned and what you would like to learn! We will be practicing a little bit more about how to write/distinguish topic sentences. If you need more help, please come to my office at any time :) As you mentioned, “the hook” is important in an essay because it pulls the reader into reading your essay in depth. You might be overwhelmed after hearing a lot of information, but it will get easier once you start writing! Look forward to discussing with your classmates, as well as reading each other’s papers! You’ll realize there’s a whole new way to perceive things from your peers.
      And thank you for your sweet comment! It makes me blush :)

  2. Hi Hii! Thank you for sharing your reflection:) I agree with your opinion:) I also like the discussion activity, but we didn’t team up it, yet. I’m loking foward to becoming a same team:))

  3. I learned about topic sentence more. Topic sentence must be complete sentence, must have both topic and controlling idea, and must be the most general in the sentence. Now, I can understand what the topic sentence is. I’m glad about that! I also learned that clearly topic sentence is better. So I’ll be careful when I write the topic sentence. And then, I learned about supporting sentences. Supporting sentences explain and prove the topic sentence. We need to use specific details to help the main idea. We can use some examples, statistic, and quotations. I want to be able to write a great essay!

    • Hi Hii,
      I hope you will start to see that an expanded version of a paragraph is an essay. As we get further into the course, you will start writing essays. Don’t forget what we are learning in this paragraph writing process :)
      And and and! You will be able to write a good essay. Let’s work on it ;)

  4. I got feedback from peers on last Thursday. It was very interesting for me because they can help my essay seriously and I learned a lot of things, for instance, I have to write more details about my supporting ideas, or I have to change my concluding sentence because it’s not clear. Thanks to them, I could revise the first draft very easily. I also learned from their essays. One of my peers writes details about supporting ideas very clearly. It’s easy to understand so I’ll try like her. I had a great opportunity to talk with them and learn from them.

    • Hi Hii,
      It’s nice to hear that you were able to gain a positive experience through the peer review session. It makes me happy to hear that you learned from your peer’s comments, AND you learned something from reading your peer’s paragraph. In your future peer review sessions, try to pair up with someone you have not paired up before. It will give you new perspectives on how other people write.
      Also, supporting ideas are very important in paragraphs and essays. Keep in mind that those supporting details should be written in a way that helps the reader to imagine them.

  5. I worked a second assignment. I wrote about my service learning at elementary school. The reason why I chose this topic is it was a great experience for me and I don’t want to forget about that. For the first draft, I wrote only one paragraph including topic sentence, supporting ideas, and concluding sentence. But my peers gave me an advice to divide my essay to four or five paragraphs. So I rewrite my essay. Some of my friend told me the grammar mistakes. It also helped me to write second and third draft. I learned that, for me, the most difficult part of the process of the writing an essay is writing the first draft, because in second or third draft, I have some advices from my peers. I also learned the importance of peer review.

    • Hi Hii,

      I remember reading your first draft: it was very moving! I thought your reflection on what you have been learning in the service learning program was very interesting to read. I’m sure your peers also thought that way as well.
      Peer reviews are important, and sometimes more helpful than getting feedback from the teacher! Peers look at your writing from a different point of view than teachers.
      I’m really looking forward to reading your essay!


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