7 thoughts on “Hayami

  1. I thought that writting process was important. When I writte essay, report and so on, I don’t write the first draft and brainstrom. So my writing is disconnectited and poor. I will do this process to write good text.
    Through this week, I learned that four parts such as best TS, incomplete, too specific and too general are essential for sentences. When I write sentences, I usually don’t think which sentence is the topic sentence. But it is indispensable to tell the opinion. So I will try to make a topic sentense.
    I’m not good at writing but I want to communicate with a lot of people through letteers or mails. So I want to improve my writing skil.

  2.   I learned that topic sentence has three important points, it is a complete sentence, it contains both a topic and a concluding idea and it is the most general sentence in the paragraph. We usually identify which sentence is a topic sentence. However, when I read paragraphs and thought topic sentences for them, I found it difficult to write good ones. My topic sentences were complete and they have concluding idea but too general or too specific. My sentences cannot attract people who read the first one in paragraph. So I should read a lot of good sentences and practice writing good topic sentences.

    • Hi Hayami,
      This is a good reflection. I especially like the part where you mentioned,m”My sentences cannot attract people who read the first one in paragraph.” It shows that you are thinking about the reader, which is very important when you write! There is always a purpose for whatever you do, right? :)

  3. Today was the first time for me to do peer review session. Until today, I have never given anyone some feedback. It was difficult to comment or advise classmates but I could learn a lot of things. They told me how they felt when they had read my paper and where is difficult to understand. I could realize the place I should rewrite. Their suggestion helped to make my paper better. I am happy if my comments also help their writing. Nest time I do peer review session, I want to tell someone else more specific advice.

    • Hi Hayami,
      I enjoyed reading your response about the peer review session. I’m glad you were able to gain something out of the peer review session, even though it was challenging. Sometimes, I feel that students can give better feedback to each other than the teacher. You see similar challenges, so you can give advice that worked for you. We will be having more peer review sessions this term :)

  4. It was the first time to spend much time on writing one essay. By thinking and writing many times, I think my essay became better than first draft. And I should have had more brainstorming. In the middle of writing first draft, I felt so. Next time, I would like to improve that.
    This week, I realized again how important peer review is. In peer review, I can get their opinion and I can also learn the way they use supporting idea or transition words. It is important for me to improve my writing skill.

    • Hi Hayami,

      Writing is an activity that can go on forever! Some classes in American universities give you the writing assignment in the beginning, so that you can start thinking about it. The more you work on it, the better it gets. There is no end to writing! I hope the realization for this assignment will help you in the next one :)


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