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  1. Writing is one of my weakness points in English, but I know that writing is the most important for university. I studied HELP for a year, but my writing skills is still not good. This week I learned about three things. First, I learned about academic writing and writing process. I already learned about that, but I did not remember accurately, because during this vacation, I went to Korea for two months, so I did not study English. Second, I wrote paragraph about my classmate. I asked classmate for something after I wrote paragraph. I get how many information that effect to paragraph. Finally, I learned topic sentence. When I learn the topic sentence, I sometimes did not catch the topic sentence. Finding topic sentence is very difficult for me. In conclusion, paragraph has structure. There are topic sentence, supporting sentences, and concluding sentence. This week, I learned about paragraph clearly.

    • Hi Dong Ok,

      A clear reflection of what you did last week. Very nice! I’m sorry you had to post this again…. From now on, you should be able to post it without any problem! When you said, “writing is the most important for university”, did you mean: 1) to get into a university or 2) when you start studying at a university? Either way, writing does have an important role. The good thing about writing is that you can rewrite over and over again. There is always room for improvement, and you can polish your writing pieces. Let’s practice a lot of writing this term!

  2. It’s such a good reflection!! Did you visit Korea last month? How was it? I heard from my friends. They mentioned about the terrible weather. Did you stay well? I’m missing Korea seriously…. ESPECIALLY FOOD!!!!
    Thank you for sharing the draft!

  3. This week, I learned about what is a topic sentence. The topic sentence is the most important sentence in paragraph. The topic sentence has three rules such as complete sentence, a topic and a controlling idea, and general statement. When I studied the topic sentence, I understood everything clearly. However, when I practice the topic sentence, I often cannot found the topic sentence. Finding a topic sentence is difficult for me. Therefore, I cannot make a good topic sentence, but I like to study English with writing. I think I need more practice, and study hard. Last of this term, I want to improve my writing skills with a good topic sentence

    • Hi Dong Ok,
      Yes, writing a strong topic sentence will help you to focus and make a good start to a paragraph. As Eri also mentioned, practice makes perfect! Not only practice… editing/revising also makes it perfect. Unless it is for a test, the process of revising is what makes your piece of writing “better”.

  4. Hi DongOk
    I agree with you! Topic sentence is the key of the whole paragraph. I want to write a good topic sentence with a strong controlling idea. We can practice and study more, then we can write a good topic sentence:)
    We can do it, DongOk:) Let’s study together!!

  5. According to my experience of peer editing my classmate’s paragraph, I realized peer editing is really helpful for me and my partner. There are some reasons why I think it is helpful for both of us. For me, I could practice and improve my grammar and reading skills by peer editing my partner’s paragraph. For my partner, she could notice and fix what she mistake on grammar in her paragraph. Unfortunately, I feel sorry for her, because I was not good enough to peer editing the paragraph, so I could not help her to fix mistakes on the paragraph. I hope I can improve my peer editing skills, because peer editing and writing paragraph are related some how. For example, if I could peer editing very well which means know the correct spelling and the proper grammar, then it shows that I could write the paragraph with proper grammar and correct spelling, which makes the paragraph more accurate before it peer edited.

    • Hi Dong Ok:) How kind and consideration you are!! I really like your warm comment. Honestly, I sometimes have thought a review has been tiresome, but a review is the most significant thing, isn’t it. Well….let’s do we best:p .

      • Hi Dong Ok
        No, Dong OK. You pointed it out my grammar mistake on the feedback. Thank you!! It was really helps me to found my mistake in my writing. I should more study grammar I think…
        If you have time, please teach me:)

    • Hi Dong Ok,
      A good point Dong Ok! Peer editing is beneficial for you and your partner. As many people say, “Two heads are better than one”. You see what you never saw before, and you may be able to hear ideas/comments from a different perspective. Don’t worry if you cannot fix the grammar perfectly. Another way to help your partner is to improve the content of the paragraph/essay. If there is something that you do not understand in the piece, it is usually because 1) it is not logically structured, or 2) there is some kind of grammatical mistake. If you can point that out to your partner, maybe you can work together to make the sentence better. I’m looking forward to hearing more of your realizations through the peer review sessions.

  6. This week, I did peer review during the class. Peer review is a very difficult for me, because I cannot helpful for my peers. I cannot comment about their essay, but my peers are very helpful for me. After peer review, I realize that I did not think about the audience. When I wrote essay, I always think about the topic, supporting idea, and structures. My essay audience is always teachers, and they correct sentence and other things. Therefore, audience is a really important for essay. After this class, I am considering the audience for my essay.

    • Hi Dong Ok,

      These kind of reflections make me happy. I’m happy to know that there was a realization while during peer reviews in class. The audience is very important when you do a presentation or write a paper. There is always a purpose for everything you do!


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