2 thoughts on “Chikage

  1. I learned many things yesterday and today. We learned about writing topic sentence. A topic sentence must be a complete sentence, should be neither too general nor too specific and should not have unrelated controlling ideas. And it was very difficult for me to find topic sentences. I had no idea. So I thought I have to study hard about writing. And also my weakness point is to find controlling ideas. I am not good at finding controlling ideas. So I will try to get better. And we will learn about the concluding sentence next class. I will do my best.

    • Hi Chikage,
      I can see that reviewing many times in class is making all the rules of topic sentence stick in your head! Controlling idea is to help you focus on what you want to write in the paragraph. It also helps the reader of your essay understand what you will be writing about beforehand. It might be helpful to brainstorm before you write, so that you can choose your controlling idea ;)

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