Assignment #1

341W: Assignment #1
Write a paragraph

Your first assignment will be to write a paragraph. You may choose the topic, but it should be something that was discussed with your peers in class. The due date for this assignment is August 31st 12:00 pm.

If you have trouble starting to think/write the paragraph, try brainstorming and outlining before you write the paragraph. Read over chapter 1 of your textbook again to review what a paragraph should contain.

Due 8/28: Topic sentence, three supporting ideas, concluding sentence
Due 8/29: First draft of your paragraph. Print two copies and bring them to class.
You will be doing peer-feedback on this day. Remember that peer-feedback is also part of your grade!
Due 8/31: Final draft of your paragraph. Email it to Hami by 12:00pm.

Please e-mail Hami your final draft in Word Document as an attachment.
I will not be requiring you to send the brainstorming map or the outline. However, it is recommended that you go through this process to organize your ideas.


  • Look at the Self-Editing Worksheet for paragraphs on p. 317.
  • I will be grading based on the rubric on p. 315.
  • Make sure to format your paper correctly!!
  • ALWAYS proofread before you submit