Four-day weekend!

Week 2 is done :)

Thank you for diligently studying in and out of class. We reviewed a lot about paragraphs and topic sentences this week. I hope it’s all in your head! We also did peer review in class today. How was it? Please write about how you felt in your upcoming Learning Journal posts.

Your homework this weekend is to….

  1. Look over the comments you received through your peer feedback. Try to incorporate them when you revise your first draft. Please send me the final draft as an attached document by August 31st, 12:00PM.
  2. Post your Learning Journal on your page. Please include your reflection of the peer review session.
  3. Read the textbook: p. 18-24. There is not a lot to read, but make sure understand the gist of it. We will be doing practice exercises on Tuesday.
  4. Enjoy the four-day weekend (even though I gave you a lot of homework. Sorry :( )