8 thoughts on “Ayumi

  1. this week,at class, I was told about the class and syllabus. i learnt about a little bit about a basic of essay. first, I thought it was easy but its getting hard. im still excited about the class even though its early in the morning.

    • Hi Ayumi,
      I’m happy to hear that you are excited in the class (even though it’s early in the morning). I hope you’re starting to understand the basics of an essay. This is just the beginning, so get ready for some more! It’s a lot of information… I know :( You might also feel that it is difficult, but you will start getting the hang of it. ESPECIALLY, when you start writing!

      One advice: this is not an academic writing, but be careful with your capitalization!

  2. Hi Ayumi,
    I feel the same way as you feel. I am excited to learn but I am still afraid of how much Homework we have to do everyday… However, all the HELP teachers are very nice and care about students so much. Therefore, you will be fine!! We are the same field now. Good luck and having fun in Hawaii.

  3. Hi Ayumi! Thank you for sharing your reflection:) Yaa, tecahing style in Japan is different from it in Ameria. When I learned academic English at HELP first time, I was suprised and exiciting, too. So, let’s enjoy to study hard together:)

  4. I learnt lots of things especially the TOPIC SENTENCE. it has three important things. it has to be a complete sentence, need a topi and controlling idea and it has to be a general.we started to writing the topic sentence on the text book it was little bit a hard hopefully I would be getting used to writing it. on the text book, we did the practices. I liked finding a topic and controlling idea.
    We have lots of homeworks everyday and I have to wake up very early, i feel very tired everyday. meeting people at the class is fun tho.

    • Hi Ayumi,
      Yes, we studied about topic sentences over and over again this week!! This is because it plays a very important role in writing. I also noticed that you were good at finding the topic sentence, topic, and the controlling idea. Now, it’s time for you to practice writing them yourself!
      I heard from your friends that you live quite far away, and you have to wake up early. I will try to control the amount of assignment. But remember, assignments are for your own benefit :)

  5. We did peer review. i did it in Japan at english class, but its still awkward to show my writing to someone who is not a teacher. We learnt about more than topic sentence like concluding sentence. and we started to write our paragraph.

    • Hi Ayumi,
      Too bad you couldn’t join us for the peer review today! I’m surprised to hear that you did this in your English class in Japan. I want to hear more about it :) Let me hear about your experience soon!!

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