Homework for this weekend

Hi everyone,

Good job keeping up with the class, even though it’s early in the morning AND there’s so much information!! This week’s big topic is TOPIC SENTENCE.

Here’s the homework for this weekend. What you have to do is the same, but the requirements for your learning journal has changed. Please check the learning journal page for more information. Sorry for the minor changes.

Homework 1

Write your first post for the learning journal. Look for your page under “Ohana”. Remember, your first post will not show automatically. I have to approve it first for you to be able to post regularly. Don’t worry if it doesn’t show up right away :) The details are in the learning journal page (*the number of words you have to write has changed). Some details to note when you post:

  • It does not have to be academic writing
  • Write a paragraph (at least 100 words. No more than 200 words)
  • For this week, reflect on what you did the past three days (August 20th-22nd)
  • Think about the readers. I will be reading your posts, but your classmates can also read them!
  • If you comment on someone else’s post, you will get extra credit!


Homework 2

Start reading the textbook and work on the exercises following after them.

“Writing Academic English” Chapter 1

Read: p. 3-5

  • Review the parts of a paragraph
  • Review what a topic sentence is

Finish the activities: p. 6-8

  • Practice 1A is the continuation for what you did in class today.
  • Practice 1B: The sentences in each paragraph are scrambled. Read all of the sentences and find the best topic sentence.


If you have any questions, email me or come and talk to me in my office! Visitors are always welcome :)


2 thoughts on “Homework for this weekend

  1. I learnt many things from the writing class. I have learnt how to write the essay at university in Japan, but I don’t like writing essay. And also I don’t really understand how to write the essay. Especially, i don’t understand what thesis statement mean. So I expect to learn how to write perfect essay from the class. And I want to communicate with my classmate. I will do my best to improve my English skills.

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